Whether you are suffering from a car wreck, soft tissue injury, a catastrophic spinal injury resulting in paralysis, or a family member’s wrongful death, the insurance companies are only looking to avoid taking responsibility for their insured’s actions or careless decisions. They will either deny your claim or try to pay you the least amount they possibly can, and they have an army of adjusters, attorneys and paid-for doctors to help them do so. It is my goal to ensure that all of my clients are treated fairly by holding insurance companies and corporations accountable.

The process of recovering from an injury is daunting by itself. Adding the difficulty of dealing with hostile claims adjusters and medical billing departments to the process can make it overwhelming. I can help you by handling all aspects of your claim so that you can focus on rehabilitation and healing. When you are represented by The Law Office of Steve Seal, not only will you receive the highest quality representation, but you will also have an attorney that is accessible. I believe that to be an effective advocate for my clients, it is necessary for me to be available for their questions and to listen to and understand their concerns.

I like my career because it is about helping real people deal with serious problems stemming from car wrecks, bike wrecks, bicycle wrecks and other accidents. I also firmly believe that people with attorneys to represent them get better results than people that try to represent themselves alone. Whether you hire me or another lawyer, you will get more money and peace of mind with someone acting as your advocate. Please give me a call to see if I can help you. I offer a free consultation and I am ready to fight for you.